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Knitted Dog Sweaters in all sizes from small to extra large dog sweaters.
Our specialty is Great Danes and Grey Hounds

We have three standard styles of Knitted Dog Sweaters  but can custom design other styles. We use nine measurements in creating the pattern and offer a wide selection of colors. Our Dog Knit Sweater is fashionable  and easy to get on and off. Our winter Dog Sweater is made from wool for warmth and are durable. The sweaters are one of a kind.

The Dress Up Dog styles is very party like and is custom designed by the dog owner and myself. Dogs Dress styles can have ruffles, decorative beads, crochet flowers, embellished collars, stripes, bones, or can be made from a furry novelty yarn. We have other designs that you can view on the Dress Up Dog tab.

Due to the size of the Great Dane Coats knitting the sweater takes  longer and creates a longer waiting period. We started making  Great Dane Coats  through our affiliation with the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue ( We have a large number of examples of the Great Dane Coats on the Great Danes Coats and Great Danes Sweater tabs.

Standand styles are : Simple, Pullover, and Snapback.

We have three standard styles of Knitted Dog Sweaters --Simple, Pullover, and Snapback which can be seen on the Standard Styles & Dog Wear tab. You can submit your measurements on the measurement page for Dog Knit Sweater. You select your colors from the color chart. You will be called to make sure the information is complete and we have a description of what you want. You will receive status reports on your sweater. We want you to have a very satisfying experience.

Doggie Duds Dog Wear Accessories - including Great Dane Accessories 
Our knitted accessories include dog snoods, dog leg warmers (leggings), and dog hats. These items are made from measurements of your dog in the colors you chose. While these Dog Wear accessories seem unnecessary, your dog gets cold in cold temperatures and needs protection just like the owner.

Vist the Doggie Duds Dogs Store 
The Dogs Store has a number of ready made sweaters. Please check the measurements of your dog to be sure the coat will fit before purchasing.
To avoid a wait time in the fall and winter order your sweater and accessories in the spring, summer and fall. We are not as busy during these times and will be able to complete your sweater early.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you have time to visit our picture galleries.

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